Monday, October 3, 2016

It's Monday! What are you reading? 10-3-16

     Another crazy couple of weeks at our house! This summer our daughter informed my husband and I that we would be able to "have a real life" now that our son had graduated from high school and is attending Iowa State. We're still waiting for that to happen! Most of my reading has been done in the car the past two weeks - during road trips and while waiting to pick up my daughter after cross country practice. Hoping to eek out some more reading time this week!

I'm amazed with the number of books by Jacqueline Woodson that my small town public library has! I don't often read YA, but I was anxious to read this one. So powerful and gut-wrenching. 

Another wonderful read by Jacqueline Woodson. So moving...

I have a student that is really enjoying this series in graphic novel, so  I've been reading ahead of her. I really appreciate the real problems the girls face and their solutions. I have always been an avid reader, and I think I would have devoured this series. Glad I'm getting to do it now!

I so enjoy the Critter Club series! They are perfect for transitional readers and have real problems that so many of us have actually experienced.

And a couple picture books, too...

Inspired by the phenomenal true story! I am always amazed by the grit and courage shown by Americans in the past, and in this case, those that were so determined to become educated. Truly inspiring!

I grew up watching Nadia Comaneci compete as an olympic athlete and I remember her perfect 10's, so I definitely felt old reading a picture book about a popular idol from my childhood. Nadia is such a wonderful role model! (I had no idea she defected...)

Continuing with...

Need a few more road trip errands with the hubby so I can keep reading! I love Ree Drummond's combination of stories, humor, recipes, and photos. Thinking I may put her books on my Christmas list...

Never sure what the week will bring at our house, but just keeping my fingers crossed for some reading time!

Until next time,

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