Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Class Favorites

     I was determined to participate in this year's #pb10for10 after a crazy busy spring and summer break! After much contemplation, I decided to share this past year's eight picture book finalists from my class's March Madness Book Tournament (Our Book Tournament began with a Sweet 16 - eight picture books and eight chapter books.), along with a couple extras. After all, #pb10for10 is ten, not eight! The Elite 8 are not listed in any particular order...

Our picture book tournament winner! This book was such a hit with my class and worthy of several rereadings! A great mix of humor and facts that ranged from amazing to disgusting.
The endearing true story - enough said, right? I think perhaps my favorite part is the author's connection to the story. I was originally worried my students wouldn't enjoy it as much as I did, but it was highly voted for during our Book Tournament.
This book is based on the true story of Henry "Box" Brown - a slave so desperate to escape slavery he mailed himself in a box. Each time I shared this book, my students were so impacted we could have heard a pin drop (on carpet, too!).

This is one of my favorite picture books of all time! I bust a gut every time at the premise of Carnivores Anonymous! You definitely can't go wrong, either, with the author/illustrator combo of Aaron Reynolds and Dan Santat.

The idea behind this story is so clever! Even though my students loved this book, I think they enjoyed it even more when they read it by themselves. This was also an Iowa Goldfinch Award winner for 2015-16, and our K-3 school winner for the Goldfinch awards if I remember correctly.

This makes one wonder what pets and animals really think about! Devin Scillian became quite popular as an author with my class this past year. I was lucky enough to hear him speak at the Iowa Reading Conference in June of 2015.

Another popular book by Devin Scillian told in the same format as Memoirs of a Goldfish. This was also an Iowa Goldfinch Award winner for 2015-16.

An oldie but goodie! Sadly, when my students arrive in my class, so many of them have missed out on some fabulous picture books, and this was one. Secretly, I was pleased my students enjoyed this book so much since I am a Chris Van Allsburg fan. Everytime I read it I think of Robin Williams in the movie. He would have been phenomenal at reading this book aloud! Just saying...

And the two extras...
Who ever really thought there would be no chocolate without monkeys? This book does a great job of illustrating the interrelatedness of nature. I first learned of this book and Melissa Stewart as an author on Carrie Gelson's blog. Thanks, Carrie!

The historical fiction geek in me loved this story from the first time I read it. It is the story of a young boy's guts and perseverance during the Oklahoma Land Run. My class this past year amazed me with their heart and compassion each time I shared a story that was more serious, such as this. Another great one by Devin Scillian.

Hope this finds you with your favorite book site open and/or book list handy!
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  1. So pleased to see that you included No Monkeys No Chocolate and Pink is for Blobfish! Both favourites for me too!