Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My #MustReadin2016

     One of my new year's resolutions is to begin blogging more. So...I am dusting off my blog I began over a year ago and getting the cobwebs out of the crevices. With that in mind, I am SO very excited to begin my journey of #MustReadin2016!
     I had a really hard time deciding which titles to add to my list, as I often feel there are too many books and not enough time. I finally had to make the executive decision that the books I would be adding to my list are those middle grade books that I just couldn't wait for, and my list would ensure I didn't forget them. My list is in no particular order, just ABC to help me find them! Drum roll, please...

Audacity Jones to the Rescue by Kirby Larson (1/26)

Audacity Jones to the Rescue

The Copernicus Legacy: The Golden Vendetta by Tony Abbott
The Golden Vendetta (The Copernicus Legacy #3)
I've so enjoyed this series so far. I'm anxious to get back to it!
Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate 
The first book in my #MustReadin2016 campaign!
Have already begun...
Falling for Prince Charles by Lauren Baratz-Logsted (2/9)
Falling for Prince Charles
I absolutely can't wait for this book!! I love her Sisters 8 series!
Finding Fortune by Delia Ray
Finding Fortune
I was so excited to find this book by accident! Delia Ray is an Iowa author,
and I got to hear her speak last summer at our Iowa Reading Conference.
Flashback Four #1: The Lincoln Project by Dan Gutman (2/23)
Flashback Four #1: The Lincoln Project
It seems like I've been waiting for this one forever...
Friday Barnes Girl Detective by R.A Spratt (1/19)
Friday Barnes, Girl Detective

Ghost Girl by Delia Ray
Ghost Girl: A Blue Ridge Mountain Story
I'm anxious to read this one as well by Delia Ray,
especially after hearing her talk about it and the
research that went into it.
The Hero Two Doors Down by Sharon Robinson (1/26)
The Hero Two Doors Down: Based on the True Story of Friendship Between a Boy and a Baseball Legend

The Key to Extraordinary by Natalie Lloyd (2/23)
The Key to Extraordinary

Last in a Long Line of Rebels by Lisa Lewis Tyre
Last in a Long Line of Rebels
This book really intrigued me, and
reminded me of the Mo and Dale series by
Sheila Turnage (which I absolutely love). 
Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics by Chris Grabenstein (1/5)
Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics
Yippee! It comes out today! I've been waiting for this one...
A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen
A Night Divided

Nooks and Crannies by Jessica Lawson
Nooks & Crannies

Pilfer Academy by Lauren Magaziner (2/16)

Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty
Serafina and the Black Cloak (Serafina, #1)

The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner (6/7)
The Seventh Wish
I'm anxious for more Kate Messner! I often recommend her
books Wake Up Missing and All the Answers.

Tiara on the Terrace by Kristin Kittcher (1/5)
The Tiara on the Terrace
More "whodunnit" fun - today! Yeah!
The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates by Caroline Carlson
Magic Marks the Spot (The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates, #1)

     I feel really funny leaving my list at nineteen books, particularly since I tend to number patterns and even amounts (weird, but true!). However, I know this list will grow and won't really end up at nineteen. Pfew! I can't wait to begin!

Until next time,


  1. I am reading A Night Divided to my family right now. It's so good!

  2. Many of these titles are unfamiliar to me. It will be great to hear your thoughts about them. I have A Night Divided on my TBR shelf so may get to it this year too.