Monday, July 10, 2017

MidSummer Favorite Reads

MidSummer Favorite Reads

     I originally thought that our summer would be a bit slower this year, since our son graduated last year and that meant no baseball four nights a week with weekend tournaments. I'm not sure where I got that idea! Even though we're still as busy as ever, I've done some great reading. 
     Here are my favorites of the summer so far...

Get your popcorn and M&M's ready! Five star standing ovation! Jennifer and Matthew Holm have done it again. I will be adding this to my #MustRead2017 "+ 17" Additions.

Cleopatra rocks - and so does her hair! This is my favorite book in the series. I really enjoyed the underlying theme of friendship.

This is genius! Great collaboration by some awesome graphic novel writers that put an interesting spin on detention. I will also be adding this to my #MustRead2017 "+ 17" Additions.

Oh so good! The title says it all - I could not put this down! I'm anxious to read more by this author. This is on the Iowa Teen Choice Award list for 2017-18.

Another winner from Kwame Alexander. I loved the snipets about famous athletes and the inspirational quotes. This will also be added to my #MustRead2017 "+ 17" Additions.

So creepy yet so intriguing! I think this series is going to be a hit in my classroom. Yet another book to add to my #MustRead2017 "+ 17" Additions.

     Hopefully you have had a chance to enjoy these as well, or at least move them to the top of your TBR pile...

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